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Stress Management

Constant stress is part of your daily life, and we all experience it. It can happen from an external cause to an event that our body reacts to. For instance, you feel stressed if you face a tough decision or look at something stressful to argue with your partner.

Hence, when you feel different stress levels, your body goes into flight mode, leaving you with a physical sensation to react and manageable at lower stress levels. Typically, the stress cycle goes away when the problems are resolved.

Stress Management Charlotte Counseling

Still, tension is not always bad.

Now, a belief is that the cycle of stress is always destructive for a person. Still, even your descendants stressed when laying on a stone sofa and waiting for the warring tribes to invade their space or even face those fierce animals. Yet, you can sometimes handle stress using coping methods while leveraging resources. For instance, you can take deep breaths and exercise to cope with stress.

But what happens when you cannot handle your chronic workplace stress?

The fact is that stress can become a huge problem when your reactions to an event become intense and your coping abilities to resources are ripped out. Living with continuous stress levels is not normal, and you need to do something about it. Whether you have constant stress about life transitions to personal life, it can lead to anxiety becoming, depression, and eventually burnout.

"I lost my business, and everything went downhill fast. I considered suicide, but a friend of mine stood by my side and made an appointment for stress management with Marriage Counselors Charlotte. They helped me get back on my feet and provided me with coping techniques to work through my problems."

- Gayle Benjamin's (Charlotte, NC)

What Are The Symptoms of Stress?

With chronic stress, you eventually end up with a poor diet, not sleeping, poor exercise habits, and health problems. These symptoms are a recipe for burnout and happen when you reach that state where the stress affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So, your body goes into a freeze motion and forces you to slow down, causing many unpleasant adverse effects. Here at Marriage Counseling Charlotte, we have a team of professional therapists that understands what you're going through. We are here to help provide support with stress management. Let's help you to overcome those stresses in your professional life.

Burnout Versus Stress

When it comes to chronic stress, you experience:

  • Workaholism as you attempt to take on more than you can handle
  • You overreact to different emotional situations
  • You feel you need to do everything¬† right away
  • You do not have the energy to handle the tasks on hand
  • Your immune system is weak, and you have muscle tension, headaches, to aches
  • You have anxiety symptoms

Now when it comes to burnout, the signs start changing as follows:

  • You start to distance yourself from all your troubles
  • De-emphasizing the problems
  • You start to space out and under-react to those emotional situations
  • You feel stuck and helpless and think, why to bother trying
  • You are not motivated, and social to psychological difficulties are noticeable
  • The depression signs start to kick in and can eventually lead to suicidal thoughts
Life Coping With Stress Charlotte

Marriage Counseling Charlotte To Manage Stress

You need not feel anxiety, depression, a burnout alone. If you relate to the above work-related symptoms or any other form of stress, we can help. When you're ready to take the next step, we can help you with stress management to help you cope with the daily stresses in life. Do not wait until you reach burnout. Take control of your life with stress therapy today.

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