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Grief Counseling

Heartbreak is inescapable...perhaps what we, as loved ones to friends, must do is give meaning to it. Grief is a natural response to loss or change. While it does not last forever, it can overwhelm your daily functioning. For example, you can experience grief with losing a loved one, finding out you have a terminal illness, or even losing your job to the relationship ending.



The point is you need not be ashamed of grief, and the best way to cope with your loss is to seek help from grief care services to help you through the grieving process. Marriage Counseling Charlotte is here for you to start with your grief counseling.

What is Grieving?

Grief can describe many things, but it is a rollercoaster of emotions resulting from losing someone or something. The types of grief can affect each person differently. You can prepare yourself for sorrow, and dealing with it can become unbearable. It can make you feel distant and numb, leading to denial and depression.

If you know someone or are encountering grief, please get in touch with our grief counselors in the Charlotte region to help. Our therapists provide individual-to-family group sessions for grief. In addition, we can help you work through the stages of grief to make adjustments to life.

"I had Muffin since she was a puppy. We were virtually inseparable. But one day, Muffin disappeared to be seen again. My friends helped me to look for her everywhere. But we could not find her. I went through so much heartache that it took over my life. Finally, I decided to talk to a grief counselor who helped me through the turmoil I was going through. I have now learned to be without my loving pet."

- Mandy (Charlotte, NC)

The Different Symptoms of Grief

Let us tell you one important thing! You need not go through the grief process alone. With our grief counseling services, you will get a support system to help you cope with your loss.
When you look at grief, it comprises different emotions impacting your daily life. The aspects of grief can affect you physically, emotionally, socially, and even beyond. Still, there is not only one term to explain it or a set timeline.

Still, if you experience the following symptoms after a loss in your life, then you are going through grief:

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  • Exhaustion
  • Regret
  • Fury
  • Despair
  • You feel shocked and in disbelief
  • You gain or lose weight
  • Cannot sleep
  • Anxiety and personal relationships are starting to fail

If you or someone you know needs professional grief counseling, Marriage Counseling Charlotte can help. Reach out to us today to help you face fears in life and help you through this natural life experience.

How Can a Grief Counselor Help

If you're experiencing a painful time and finding it difficult to cope with your daily life, then counseling might be the best thing for you. Talking with someone about your loss can help resolve the issues you are experiencing. With Marriage Counseling of Charlotte, you will be presented with skills to cope and move forward with your life.

Do you need grief services from a therapist in the Charlotte region? Then, turn to Marriage Counseling Charlotte to help you overcome all the challenges you face to make you feel better.

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