Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling

Grief can be an extremely unnerving feeling forcing one to feel uncomfortable when experiencing any kind of emotional or physical loss. Bereavement is one feeling that one can experience when confronted with the death of a loved one. It is not only normal, but expected to feel a range of emotions, including sadness, anger, disbelief, and guilt. These feelings are a natural part of the grieving process and often help an individual to come to terms with their loss.


Friends and family offer much-needed support in such times. However, sometimes it is not enough, and one needs to open up to a grief counselor or therapist to get to terms with the pain. There is no set of rules or such thing when it comes to the correct way to grieve after any unfortunate event.

Behaviors & Grieving Thoughts

People often struggle with dealing with the recurrence of painful incidents, in the form of dreams. Such intensive thoughts can be devastating and upsetting making it difficult for an individual to face even the daily routine. Some even find it difficult to get over the thoughts of “what if”, “I wish I was able to spend more time”, or “I should have been around more”, etc.

Do not try to bottle up your emotions. Trying to keep your grief or suffering inside can actually make the situation worse. One needs to deal with their grief without having to ignore the events that have happened. Writing about the loss and crying whenever one feels overwhelmed is crucial for dealing with bottled emotions.

Find healthy ways to cope with your grief. Some of us would feel at more ease when connected to spirituality while some find solace in religion, and some might take the help of art or travel. Whatever way brings peace to the mind and body, should be the approach to start dealing with the pain. One might not feel comfortable or at peace with one alternative. Therefore, using a mix of techniques is more advisable for better and healthy healing.

Do not be afraid to ask for help. Overwhelming emotions are uncontrollable, and many fight within their minds to cope with the situation. Make sure to reach out to trustable family members or friends to get help in such cases. Remember it is okay to ask for a shoulder to lean on whenever not feeling okay.

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Recovering from Grief

Some people may find it helpful to talk to a counselor or therapist straight to help them work through their emotions of grief. It is very natural to feel so because there is no logical or illogical way to deal with grief.

If you too are struggling with grief, here are some useful tips that could be of help:

Acknowledge the pain.

Do not keep your emotions bottled up inside as this might only make the situation worse. Allow your mind and body to feel every emotion and be open to people around you.

Talk about your loved one.

Keep the memory of your loved ones alive by bringing their names in conversations, and sharing their stories or past incidents.

Stay connected.

Do not cut off from your social connections in such hard challenging situations. Maintain your social network by spending time with close ones or even new people. This would help you grow out of the pain and look forward to new beginnings without feeling alone.

Do something that honors your loved one's memory.

This might look like the most challenging part but indulging in activities that honor the lost makes a great impact on healing from the loss. Writing a memoir, planting a tree, starting a fund, donating to the needy in their name, etc. would give you a sense of being still connected to the departed.

Seek professional help.

Not all are strong enough to deal with the loss without having to go through the immense pain. Many struggles inside while looking quite okay to the outside world. This is why consulting with a counselor or a therapist who specializes in grief counseling could help with healthy grief coping mechanisms.

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Counseling for Grief

The most important aspect of grieving is to give ample time to grieve and heal. It is better to not rush into feeling better but working on the pain gradually will help more. Understand it is going to take time to work through the pain and heal.

Grief Counseling is a great start to acknowledging the need for emotional support and managing the pain. Trained therapists are experienced and skilled to handle such situations to guide you. A grief counselor would provide immense support and healthy ways to cope with the unfortunate events. Consult with a grief counselor to understand your pain and begin the journey of healing.

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