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Work and Career Issues

Navigate the work and career challenges you face today. Start a better path forward with the help of work & career counseling in Charlotte.

Are you a highly accomplished professional? Have you achieved your levels of success, or are you at a point where you feel dissatisfied with your job?

Perhaps you have an unhappy work life as your job is not as meaningful as it used to be. Or perhaps you feel stressed at work, or the firm's expectations of styles do not suit your needs.

Work Counseling In charlotte nc

Maybe you have a conflict with a co-worker or a business partner. No matter the reason or the way you feel, you need to work through your problems or decide to move to something new.

May You Have Added Work Struggles:

  • You are not able to pace yourself well and always feel exhausted
  • You are not able to delegate responsibilities and do not depend on others enough
  • You want to change your career but hesitate as you want a better work-life balance
  • Maybe you have lost your job and do not know if you should proceed

"At work, when I started, I was happy with my profession and worked hard applying for different assignments at the firm. But I was never accepted and felt I was not given a fair chance. It left me feeling frustrated. Then I talked to a work and career therapist at Marriage Counseling Charlotte. They gave me advice and helped me to learn how to cope with my situation. In turn I could come up with solutions that helped."

- Shane (Charlotte, NC)

We Can HelpĀ 

Our work and career counselors can help you navigate the roller coaster ride you face with your work to career challenges. When you get the proper support, it can help you make an informative decision on moving forward.

In the counseling sessions, we create a confidential and safe environment where you can discuss all your concerns. You can envision working at the same place or decide to take a new career path.

Together we work to help resolve your career and workplace problems. We can help bring clarity to make good decisions to achieve your goals.

The Benefits of Work and Career Counseling Calgary

After Going To Marriage Counseling Charlotte NC
  • You can become re-focused to get a clearer perspective on what you want. Hence, you can create a plan to help achieve that goal.
  • Work and career counseling can help resolve workplace conflicts.
  • You can learn how to delegate tasks and what you can keep for yourself.
  • It helps you become passionate about your work again, and you start to feel more satisfied with it.
  • It also helps build a more prosperous personal life outside work.
Career Help In Charlotte NC

We Have All Faced Career Challenges to Change

Here at Marriage Counseling Charlotte, our work and career therapists have also faced career challenges. So we understand your struggles working in a demanding setting and experiencing work stress. We also know what it feels like to step into another career, and it is scary but can be rewarding.

Let us help you navigate your problems through counseling and get you back into that driver's seat where you belong. If you are stressed about work or your career, we can help, so let us get started today!


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