Marriage Counseling of
Charlotte NC

Marriage Counseling of Charlotte NC

Thinking about divorce

We are here to help you connect with people you care about to improve your relationship to enjoy life. Whether you're going through a distressed marriage, need a marriage retreat, or come to terms with the reality of marriage, we can help.

We understand the importance of relationships in a marriage, family, and work. Marriage Counseling of Charlotte has marriage therapists available to bring back that vibrant marriage again.

Our trusted marriage counselor is an expert on relationships and can help people in relationships be happier together again. Whether you need individual therapy, premarital counseling, couples therapy, or family therapy, we can help.

We can help rebuild the couple dynamics to equip you with relationship tools for marriage and work. In addition, our therapists handle a variety of related topics to build secure relationships.

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Couples Therapy

Marriage Counseling of Charlotte's ...

Infidelity Counseling

Infidelity comes in different forms...

Family Counseling

In these times of stress, we have...

Grief Counseling

We all have lost someone or...

Conflict Resolution

Conflict can even happen in...

Stress Management

Are you living over-scheduled lives...

Work & Career Counseling

Has your workplace turned into a nightmare? Are coworkers targeting you, or are you doing overwhelming menial tasks and want to pack up and leave? Then it might be time for some work and career counseling in Charlotte.

Marriage Counseling of Charlotte has helped many residents to find relief from work struggles. So, if the above sound familiar, never give up hope there is a way out. Put an end to stressful situations popping up everywhere today.

Let's help give you the support you need with work-related stress, depression, or anxiety. We can guide you to deal with any problematic situations at work.

We will help you with healthy coping skills to communication leading to a positive workplace to improve your life quality.

Addiction & Recovery Counseling

Whether you face a happier relationship or have an optimal relationship but going through stress and turning to any form of addiction, we can help you cope. While the addiction and recovery counseling process might seem daunting initially, there is always hope for recovery. 

So, instead of an addiction destroying your life and causing relationship difficulties at home, we recommend getting help. We know how difficult an addiction be, whether it is substance abuse, shopping, gambling, drinking, and more...

The good news is there is help to resolve the problems and regain intimate relationships. Do not hesitate to give Marriage Counseling of Charlotte a call. We provide quality addiction and recovery services tailored according to your needs. 

Are you ready to restore your relationship?

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Whats Our Client are saying

- Morgan

"He [Sam] was able to so quickly and so effectively get to the root of the issues that were negatively effecting my life and in the following sessions he was able help me release and let go of those issues in a way that had felt more effective than anything I have previously experience.  I can't recommend him enough, because it didn't feel like what we expect therapy to feel like, it just felt like it actually worked!"


"Its just 10 times easier now to get through those things, and it didn't take us very long, we didn't have to spend a year in therapy, rehashing all of the fights and all of the things.  It just focused on where we got stuck and how to work through that, to be able to meet each others needs."

Marriage Counseling of Charlotte NC

Marriage Counseling of Charlotte is here to help you with personal to family problems. We provide the best marriage counselors in Charlotte and its surroundings to help rebuild relationships.

Our therapists know how hard times have left you or the family frustrated. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel to move forward again. We prioritize your problems and have the best couples counselors to help.

Let us help you with a tailored therapy session done by professionals who care. Contact our specialists @ 704-387-3578

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