Premarital Counseling Charlotte

Premarital Counseling

Congratulations on wanting to tie the knot! Wow, does saying that aloud not make you feel nervous? Are you sitting there sweating when the time comes to say those vows? Or perhaps you are wondering if you did not say yes too fast.

No matter what you feel and are going through, it helps to go to pre-marital counseling. Wedding planning is one of the most exciting times in your life.

But it can also be very stressful now. The truth is that two people joining their lives is difficult already, and you need no added pressure. Even blending an extended family is difficult to deal with.

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Then there is moving to a new home, but when you go for pre-engagement counseling, it can become a joyful time filled with laughter. Thus the important thing is for you to prepare yourselves for the wedding and a lifetime together.

Even if pre-marital counseling is not mandatory, it remains a good idea. With pre-marriage counseling, you can discuss your relationship and the future, which is never wrong.

It can reveal the truths and topics for a deeper conversation and discussion. Hence, you can discuss the core values to remove communication issues and remains beneficial for all.

Premarital Counseling Is Always Beneficial

Marriage can bring different emotions. For example, it could bring happiness if you grew up with happily married parents, or it can also bring negative behavior patterns if parents divorce. Still, it would be best to create a new reality for yourself.

Yet, you go into a marriage with specific notions about how your wedding must look and what you will expect from your partner. It is a natural process, but it can still create issues in your relationship.

Hence, when you partake in a premarital counseling program exploring these preconceptions before saying your vows can prevent heartache in the future. Still, the personal past a couple brings to their marriage can influence how each one feels about getting married.

Perhaps you have been married before and have fears about how it will be the next time. No matter your worries, it helps to explore those factors before your wedding with the help of a premarital counseling process.

So if you are in a committed relationship and want to prevent strife, discuss your role expectations to marital expectations with us here at Marriage Counseling Charlotte to avoid future conflict.

"Mandy and I were meant to be together. Ourfamilies knew, and friends knew it, and most notably, the Marriage Counselors of Charlotte, NC knew it. So when we chose to go there for counseling to confirm to our parents that we were meant to be. We know we did not make a mistake!"

- Jill and Mark (Charlotte)

When Should Couples Start With Premarital Counseling?

Whether it is a week before the wedding or at the start of your wedding plans, we can help premarital couples in the healthy way possible with their realistic expectations.

You can even come for pre-engagement counseling to see if you should go ahead or wait with marriage grif. The same applies if you and your partner are uncertain about taking the next step.

Engaged couples can discover and explore the feelings they have to decide if they should move forward. But getting married is stressful, and even healthy couples have misaligned communication patterns.

The truth is during premarital counseling, many topics are discussed, and it is an excellent time to discuss them in a safe and secure room.

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During the entire process, you will learn healthy communication skills to relationship ools to build relationship satisfaction in the future forward.

With Marriage Counseling Charlotte, you will discuss many things:

  • From role expectations to shared interests and your leisure activities
  • Look at communication styles to your religion and household duties
  • You will discuss your finances and budget for parenting styles
  • The need for privacy and space for intimacy and sexuality

These are only a few things you will touch on, but discussing essential topics before the time can be life-changing.

Choose Marriage Counseling Charlotte Today 

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As a couple, you can discover problems ahead of time with premarital counseling. With our premarital counselors, you can get help on this journey you plan to make. Our therapists are experts in the field and willing to help you achieve your goals regarding your wedding. Contact us today before committing to understanding each other's needs before getting married.

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