Divorce Counseling Charlotte

Divorce Counseling

You gave your heart to a person, and it does not feel fair that the person broke it down into only four words.

Your hearts have been crushed, and yes, you will happily take the person back, but you still feel devastated as you thought you had a good life together.

Yes, the marriage was not perfect, but it was okay, as everything felt stable but comfortable. The truth is you never thought your marriage would end and come to this.

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Yes, the ending of your marriage is the only thing you can think about, and the fact that your partner's life has already moved on makes matters word.

The truth is it is a lonely place, but the good news is it does not have to be that way. Here at Marriage Counseling Charlotte, we can help you through the divorce process.

Our licensed therapist can help with conflict, divorce, and divorce recovery.

"We stood on the brink of divorce, but luckily, we both decided to go see Marriage Counseling Charlotte, who helped us work through our issues, and it saved our marriage. The therapist was a true angel heaven-sent and listened to both of us with a sympathetic ear."

- Amber Johnson (Charlotte)

Therapy Can Help The Stages of Divorce Easier

Here at Marriage Counseling Charlotte, we provide divorce recovery therapy and much more. For example, we can help with an empathic divorce process to help a single parent cope or help with parent coordination.

Divorce Recovery For Your ChildrenĀ 

When a divorce takes place, kids have many questions to ask. Unfortunately, as a parent, you might be unprepared and overwhelmed to know how to answer them or help them deal with the healing process.

Now is the time for parents to work together to help explain the meaning of divorce, a kid-friendly term. Our divorce recovery therapists can provide strategies for parents for a smoother transition when telling them.

Marriage Counseling therapists also assist kids in working with parents to make a smooth transition from having one home to two homes and help with the grieving process.

With divorce recovery for children, the child therapist provides parent coaching and helps build the child relationships learning coping skills to adjust to the new way of life.

Divorce Counseling Charlotte NC 28204

We Provide Coaching Services

Additionally, we provide parent coaching at the start of the divorce to help you reach agreements taking the best interest of your kids at heart. Still, it is not a legal or mediation service that provides custody recommendations.

We provide co-parenting coaching during family therapy sessions for the entire family to reduce conflict. During these confusing times, parents are taught to reach agreements in a healthy way to prevent conflict with each other.

At the time, the boundaries of marriage are set to turn an unhappy marriage into a caring separation for both sides. Here the main focus is the children. An added benefit of divorce recovery therapy is that it helps couples to adapt to a new way of life.

Our therapists can help with mid-life divorce when having older children and how to deal with the emotional impact during the divorce process. No matter your needs, our divorce recovery therapy can help with grandparent coaching, single parenting coaching, cheating and high-conflict divorce cases.

Let us help prevent high-conflict divorce preventing:

  • Hostility between adults with ongoing problems
  • Help prevent frequent court actions from preventing custody battles
  • Discuss any concerns if domestic, physical, or sexual abuse took place
  • Help prevent the lack of communication or there are accusations of alienation from taking place

Call Us Today To Help With Divorce Recovery

Any divorce is stressful, and family members find themselves in a difficult place. Let our trained clinicians familiar with divorce help collaborate relationships between you and your ex-partner.

We can help with reunification, a type of family therapy that works with the entire family when disruption occurs. In turn, we can also prevent visitation refusal from taking place as we work with parents and kids.

Contact Marriage Counseling Charlotte NOW to prevent conflict divorce or if you need divorce recovery today.

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