Infidelity Counseling Charlotte

Infidelity Counseling

An integral part of human nature is a monogamous or married relationship. This exists in every culture, but as ubiquitous as a monogamous relationship, infidelity also occurs in many societies of life.

The truth is that the coexistence of cheating and monogamy across different cultures could make one believe it is an inherent element of human nature.

Infidelity Counseling In Charlotte NC 28204

Yet, the fact remains that according to research, it is estimated that between 20% to 40% of married men in America have an extramarital relationship when married.

While the figures for women are lower, between 20% to 25% commit adultery. Still, the act of adultery can differ from one couple to another. Hence, the emotional relationship of infidelity leaves the marriage or partners to fall apart.

For this reason, it can be helpful to get infidelity counseling to have functional relationships to work on the relationship after infidelity.

Different Types of Cheating

When it comes to infidelity, it is not as simple as you think. You can find three forms of infidelity-romantic, sexual, and romantic/sexual infidelity. While infidelity can happen for complex reasons, expert counselors can determine a course of action depending on the cheating. The truth is with the help of couples counselors, even with communication issues arising from sexual infidelity, it might be easier to reconcile compared to a partner in a romantic and sexual relationship.

"We married for 20 years when I found out my husband was cheating. It hurt so bad and I did not know how to move forward. Finally, weFinally, we both went for infidelity counseling at Marriage Counseling Charlotte. We could at least salvage our marriage and join a relationship counseling group. Things are going better."

- Stacy James (Charlotte, NC)

Can Counseling For Cheating Help?

No matter the type of infidelity in your relationship, the victim will experience different emotions, rage, and distrust. Infidelity results in the bonding in a relationship falling apart. On the other hand, the regretful partner also has comparable emotional feelings, from guilt to extreme remorse.

Hence, these intense feelings can make reconciliation or even a peaceful separation impossible without the help of couples therapy. With the help of an infidelity therapy team, you can communicate in an environment to achieve a peaceful end to your relationship or reconcile.

There are many common reasons adultery can take place, and it remains a traumatic time. There is physical pain to the pain of heartbreak to deal with, and the progress over time, both the betrayed and betrayer can heal.

Infidelity is a major life transition, and couples need help building trust. Marriage Counseling Charlotte provides services to couples and has been an expert in dealing with infidelity for years.

After Going To Marriage Counseling Charlotte, NC 28204

At couple counseling sessions, we understand the struggles that couples experience, from emotional affairs to sexual and romantic affairs. Then, our counselors will guide you to find a solution that best suits your needs.

Please reach out to a couple of counseling professionals, as there is hope for affair recovery or premarital counseling.  Together they will discuss a variety of related topics to help build a stronger relationship than before.

Equipped with the right relationship tools, you can enjoy healthy intimate relationships as before.

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