Different types of in room massage in Charlotte NC

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In room massages offer a variety of options to suit your individual needs. Some people may want the peace and quiet while others prefer an active treatment that gets their blood flowing, but no matter what type you choose there's always relief from tension!

Following are some of the most popular in room massages available at Mobile Massage Of Charlotte NC:

Swedish Massage

Sometimes all you need is a little relief from your daily stresses. Swedish massages are great for relaxation and can ease tension in specific areas of the body, like neck spasms or back pain!

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is the answer to all your muscle tension and pain problems. This type of massage focuses on deeper layers, which are good for those who suffer from chronic aches or tightness in their muscles; it can be slightly uncomfortable but provides very satisfying results!

Sports Massage

Imagine how good it feels to be pain-free after a tough workout or long run. That's what sports massage aims for - relieving tension in the muscles so you can recover more quickly from your exercise, and prevent injuries by keeping them loose and flexible!

Hot Stone Massage

The feel of a back massage is absolutely amazing. The gentle stroking with just fingers and palm can provide relief for many people who suffer from chronic pain or other ailments in this part of their body because it feels so soothing, especially when done by someone you trust!

Head Massage

Head massages are great for relieving tension headaches, fatigue and even hair loss. The perfect head massage will relieve all your worries in one go! Choose from our selection at Mobile Massage Of Charlotte NC to make sure you get the optimum relaxation therapy today.

A good Salon-quality deep tissue or Swedish style full body rub down can do wonders when it comes time relaxation - especially if done right by an expert who knows what they're doing (and has plenty of experience).

You'll enjoy these benefits: stress relief; decreased anxiety/depression symptoms due improved blood flow circulation ; better sleep patterns because there's no longer any pressure on sore muscles after sprawling out fully dressed onto bedding tired limbs while getting crunched up in a sitting or standing position during the day!

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