Clarks Creek Greenway

Clarks Creek Greenway, near Charlotte, NC downtown, is among the most popular greenways in the city. This 5-mile paved trail along Clarks Creek offers a great outdoor experience for all ages. Whether you're an avid cyclist, jogger, hiker, or just someone looking to enjoy nature and explore the city, this tranquil greenway will make your visit enjoyable. With its picturesque views and plenty of wildlife-watching opportunities, it's no wonder that Clarks Creek Greenway has become such a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike!


This greenway was developed in the mid-1990s and has since become a beloved asset of the city. The initial development began with a mission to create a recreational space for the community while preserving the area's natural beauty. The greenway spans a total of 1.7 miles and winds its way through dense forests, alongside streams, and over small footbridges. It begins in McAlpine Creek Park and then leads to James Boyce Park, offering visitors ample opportunity to explore the great outdoors.

Over the years, the Clarks Creek Greenway has undergone numerous improvements, including installing informational signs, picnic areas, and benches, making it a comfortable and convenient destination for visitors.

Today, the greenway is an essential part of Charlotte's park system, providing a peaceful retreat for anyone looking to escape the city's noise.

Picnic at the Clarks Creek Greenway

A popular activity to do at the Clarks Creek Greenway is picnicking. The trail offers many scenic spots ideal for a picnic, such as meadows and wooded areas with plenty of shade. There are several shady spots along the greenway where visitors can enjoy lunch or snacks while enjoying nature. Benches are also located throughout, allowing visitors to just relax after a long day on the trails. Additionally, picnic tables are available for larger groups looking to make an afternoon out of it.

Cycling, Jogging, and Hiking at the Clarks Creek Greenway

The Clarks Creek Greenway is also a great place to get active and explore the outdoors. The 5-mile-long paved trail offers cyclists, joggers, and hikers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beauty of nature while getting some exercise at the same time. The wide paths are perfect for biking and rollerblading, while the winding trails challenge runners and hikers alike.

Visitors can also enjoy bird watching along the greenway as many species inhabit the area. Furthermore, its mostly flat terrain makes it an excellent destination for those looking to embark on more challenging biking or running routes.

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