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The Bellagio Fountains In Charlotte NC NC

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Following are some of the best Charlotte NC parks you can enjoy:


Located at the state line of North and South Carolina, Carowinds is a great place to take your family for an enjoyable day or two. The park offers thrill rides that will satisfy anyone in its array of kid-friendly attractions like indoor entertainment venues with live music performances every night (including during springtime when they have "stage" shows). And if you happen get hungry while exploring this amazing property make sure there are plenty food options available throughout--from typical fairgrounds fare such as burger jointsand quick stops serving both fast foods along side sit down restaurants which provide gluten free dinning choices too.

Romare Bearden Park

If you're looking for a beautiful park to take your stroll through or have some picnic with friends, be sure check out Romare Bearden Park. This picturesque spot is located in the heart of Charlotte and features artwork from all over that will leave visitors amazed at how much talent one city can house!

In addition to simply enjoying this gorgeous scenery as well-attended activities like concerts & movies there are festivals happening right now too such an amazing array they offer here throughout different times each year so make certain not miss any opportunity to partake all that awaits you!


Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge provides a relaxing getaway for all ages. The resort features an indoor water park with attractions to suit every age group, spa treatments that can rejuvenate your body and soul simultaneously (or just one!), restaurants serving tasty American cuisine made from fresh ingredients right before your eyes—you name it! There are also plenty of other things at this fantastic place worth seeing such as how they've built their infrastructure using modern engineering techniques so everything runs smoothly without any hiccups along the way; you'll never want go anywhere else once we tell ya what's great about our favorite wolf domain:

McDowell Nature Preserve

Hiking and nature trails await at McDowell Nature Preserve, located just outside of Charlotte in North Carolina. The preserve is home to 1,100 acres that include rolling hills as well as woodlands with an abundance various species including wildlife!

Visitors can explore both developed areas like parking lots where they will find restrooms available year round but also enjoy more remote portions perfect for those who want peace & quiet without any distractions from cars driving past or people talking nearby; this means bringing along your favorite playlist because there are no sound restrictions here (but keep it down after 10pm).


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