5 things you must know before choosing a Charlotte NC Sports Massage

Many people think that sports massages are for athletes only, but the truth is you don't need to be an athlete in order getBenefits from one! If your priority is improving performance and preventing injuries through relaxation then a hot stone massage could do just what's needed. The same criteria applies if someone enjoys playing any type of sport—whether they're professional level competitors or not at all active members their family who want some free time during vacation months;

a Charlotte NC Sports Massage will make everyone feel better because it provides relief from sore muscles caused by consistent activity as well helps ease common aches associated with aging.

  1. Hydrate- Hydrate! Drink plenty of water before and after your massage to keep those muscles hydrated.flushing out toxins, reducing inflammation- this will help you feel better after getting scrubbed by the masseuse too.
  2. Diet- Eating a light meal before your massage will help you feel less bloated, but it's best if the food is nutritious and not too much. A balanced diet with lots of fruits or vegetables helps keep energy levels up while also being good for mental clarity!
  3. Be at ease- You should take a break before your massage to go use the restroom and [*]. It will make you feel more relaxed while giving yourself up for this therapy session.ardo[*] wear loose, comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict movement so it's easier on both of us!"
  4. Breathe- Take a deep breath and let it out slowly as your massage therapist works their way across one side of your body. As they move, focus on how gently but firmly the hands are touching you – this will help release any tension or stress that has been building up inside for days/weeks before coming here today!
  5. Communicate- Before your massage, be sure to communicate with the therapist about any areas of discomfort or pain. This will help them adjust pressure and focus on specific spots as needed so that you get an optimal experience from beginning-to end!

The most important thing to remember when you get a massage is that it's all about relaxation. You should allow your muscles time and space, so they can fully relax after the treatment - which will help improve their flexibility as well! Your sports therapist might also stretch out any tight spots on specific areas of concern before starting massaging those parts more deeply with pressure points like hands or feet (depending upon what type he/she specializes). This helps provide relief from pain while increasing blood flow because we know how hard these areas can feel!

If you're not used to getting massages, then it's essential to understand what kind of techniques will be used on your body. Different types of strokes are applied in order to achieve different results.

  • Sports massage therapy is a popular form of treatment for those suffering from pain, discomfort and stress.
  • It's effective in treating certain types or back injuries as well as muscle strains caused by hard physical labor like weightlifting!
  • Benefits of sports massage include reducing stress, improving flexibility and range of motion, reducing pain and inflammation, enhancing performance, and promoting faster recovery from injury or surgery.

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